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The Logatec War Museum is home to one of the most important private collections of war history items in Slovenia, and also in some surrounding areas. The collection consists of an astounding number of artefacts from all periods of the Slovenian war and military history.

A significant part of the museum’s collection inculudes antique ethnological items unrelated to war, yet vital for strengthening Slovenia’s cultural tradition (e.g. antique religious statues, books, beehive fronts, clocks, farmhouse chests, religious amulets, prayer books, firefighter awards, police and customs signs, and badges).

The Logatec War Museum is an officially registered museum. It carries out its activities in accordance with the applying regulations and is officially authorized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia to rightfully preserve and represent the treasured artefacts of the Slovenian movable cultural heritage.


Reviving countless fates and rediscovering paths already taken, the book’s real treasure lies with the people and the long forgotten stories it honors. The museum items were once part of everyday life of people not so unlike us. The Logatec War Museum’s treasures vividly capture our ancetors’ lives, hopes, and dreams.

At 654 pages long, the book describes more than 720 treasured items of the Logatec War Museum and includes more than 2200 color images. Yet it is not only the sheer size of the book that is impressive, but also its content. We are proud to say that the book contains more information on Slovenian war and military history than many other publications on this topic. Bringing so many images and so many heroes of the Slovenian war and military history back to life, the book’s title seems more than befitting.

Treasures of History